Expert On Demand

Instant collaboration from the field with Remote Experts

Availiable for both Cisco WebEx & Microsoft Teams

The Challenge

Unplanned downtime costs manufacturers Billions every year


  • Lack of on-site expertise
  • Harsh work environments
  • Vast repositories of manuals
  • Access to machine data
  • Ageing workforce

The solution

Expert on Demand for Industrial workers


Frees up workers hands for mission-critical tasks.

Voice Controlled

Voice recognition technology speeds up time to completion.


Truly mobile workforce connectivity with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE.


IP66 dust proof and water proof, 2 metre drop tested onto concrete.

Connected Workers

Connected Workers in factories, plants and in the field wearing the HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1 can use voice commands to instantly Collaborate with Remote Experts anywhere in the world.

XoD powered by Webex Teams

Cisco Connected worker solution for Realwear HMT-1, HMT-1Z1 with XoD (Expert on Demand) is powered by Webex Teams.

Remote Experts

Remote Experts can collaborate from anywhere using any Cisco Webex supported devices including iOS & android devices, room systems and Webex boards.

The benefits

Business Outcomes and ROI of deployment

" When we get involved with some of our customers fixing a very expensive piece of machinery the downtime for a day honestly pays for the deployment. We see ROIs of one day in the case of that failure. I’ve never seen that before in my career how you get a true ROI of deploying a solution within one day. One failure avoided takes care of this. "
Karl Dahlin


Reduced Downtime, increased OEE

Lower security risks

increased factory agility, faster time to market

improved quality & workforce efficiency

Employing AR Technology

Realwear HMT-1

  • The RealWear® HMT - 1 provides the foundation for Connected Worker programs. The HMT - 1 is a fully rugged head - mounted device, it optionally snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eye-wear.

Realwear HMT-1Z1

  • The Intrinsically Safe RealWear® HMT - 1Z1 augmented reality headset is the only wearable tough tablet on the planet approved for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1.

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