Tackle the increasing complexity of Automotive Maintenance & Repair jobs faster, more efficiently with higher Customer satisfaction.

Expert on Demand: Connected Worker Solution for the Automotive Repair & Maintenance Industry

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XoD runs on the RealWear HMT-1, the Wearable Computer chosen by VW, BMW, Toyota and more major automakers.

wearable computer

Head Mounted Tablet (HMT), high resolution micro-display fits just below line of sight and views like a 7'' tablet.

100% hands free, voice-controlled

Frees up workers hands for mission-critical tasks, speeds up time to completion.

powerful audio, noise-cancelling mics

Integrated speaker, 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection, 4 digital microphones.

Purpose-built camera + flashlight

Stable IP66 camera with LED Light. 16 megapixel, 4-image stabilized.

wireless connectivity

Truly mobile workforce connectivity with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE.


IP66 dust proof and water proof, 2 metre drop tested onto concrete.

Connected Workers

Mechanics and Technicians in Service Centers and in the field wearing the XoD RealWear Headset can use voice commands to instantly collaborate with Remote Experts anywhere in the world.

Cisco Networking

Based on Cisco networking the connected worker solution for Realwear HMT-1 with XoD (Expert on Demand) is powered by Webex Teams.

Remote Experts, Customers

Remote Experts or Customers can collaborate from anywhere using any Cisco Webex supported devices including iOS & android devices, room systems and Webex boards.

Why XoD is so valuable to Dealerships and Service Centres

When a Technician works with XoD's wearable computer, everyone benefits

Increased Productivity

Any document a connected worker might require is easily accessible with a few simple voice commands. Technicians can spend less time looking for paperwork and more time on repairs.

Better customer experience

Connected workers can share images and video with customers. This way, customers can immediately approve repairs from anywhere, without having to come to the shop.

Improved efficiency

If a connected worker encounters a problem, they can initiate a video conference call with a remote expert. No more unexpected delays, waiting for help to arrive or searching through manuals

Realworld use-case

Solving complex mechanical problems in Automotive Service Centres remotely and efficiently


Mechanics are often faced with seemingly 'unfixable' issues. Typically this is where a Master Technician needs to pause and contemplate how best to fix the problem. In many cases, this involves liaising with one of the Vehicle Manufacturers Technical Support Centres, who offer expert advice based on similar issues they've experienced.

Current technology utilises telediagnosis equipment, allowing screen shares to analyse diagnostics taken by the Master Technician. In many cases, this is not sufficient to understand the nature of the problem, resulting in one of the Main Support Centre Technicians travelling to the Service Centre. This incurs costs and longer repair times.

xod Solution: support via remote collaboration

Expert on Demand's HMT-1 device is voice activated so allows Master Technicians to keep both hands and their minds on the job at hand.

The camera in the HMT-1 can be manipulated by both the Master Technician in the Workshop, and remotely by Support Technicians at the Main Support Centre. This allows the Support Technician to see exactly what they need to in order to fix the issue, without forcing the Master Technician to move into awkward and potentially unsafe positions.

Results: Costs Cut, Time Saved and Happier Employees

By seeing what the Mechanic in the Workshop sees and communicating directly, the Technicians in the Support Centre can typically resolve the problem remotely and cut down on travel time and the expense caused by on-site visits.

XoD's collaboration features could help reduce job attrition. Tackling complex repairs to tight deadlines and customer satisfaction is stressful for a Technician who wants to resolve the tough problem. But with XoD's collaboration features aiding the diagnostic process, technicians feel relieved because it's like having another Master Technician in the Workshop.

Realworld use-case

Keeping customers happy during lengthy vehicle repairs


Vehicle repairs often require customers being kept up to date every step of the way with the work being done to maintain a high standard of service.

Currently, the customer has to communicate in the work area with the Service Employee, which brings security risks and health and safety concerns. The noisy environment of a Workshop can cause important words and details to be miscommunicated. Alternatively, the customer may have to book several follow up appointments causing inconvenience for the customer and expense to the Repair Centre.

xod Solution: remote collaboration with customers

Using Expert on Demand's HMT-1 device introduces remote collaboration capability wherein not only remote expertise be utilised but also brings the customer into the process with shared digital video or live video conferencing.

Results: Reduced repair costs, less waiting and better customer relations

Eliminating the need to call in a technical expert reduces travel costs which ultimately lowers the cost of resolving complex repairs. More importantly, XoD's collaboration features expedite the time taken to resolve issues for the customer.

Customers no longer have to return to the Repair Centre repeatedly during complex repairs, as they can liaise with Service Technicians wherever they have internet access, even using a Smartphone.

Book a Demo of Expert on Demand to experience the benefits on your Automotive business.

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