The needs of a Connected Workforce in the Oil and Gas industry

In today’s oil and gas industry, drilling and extraction increasingly take place at remote, often hazardous locations. 

With fewer workers on each site, many companies rely on remote expertise to keep these assets operational. 

Yet comprehensive collaboration is still required to make quick decisions and resolve critical problems.

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Industry use case

Expert On Demand in Oil & Gas Operations

The Cisco® Expert on Demand solution gives crews immediate, real-time access to industry experts using the Realwear HMT-1Z1, the world’s first intrinsically-safe wearable featuring high-quality, on-demand video and communications capabilities.

In integrated mobile conferencing environments, this solution supports personnel with a combination of voice communication and shared contextual video, documents, and process data.

Based on powerful Cisco networking, the solution connects field workers with experts in remote operations centers throughout the world, helping them work together to solve problems, reduce downtime, and meet production quotas.

Cisco Expert On Demand solution for a connected workforce

Voice controlled

Frees up workers hands for mission-critical tasks, speeds up time to completion.

Purpose-built Camera

Stable IP66 camera with LED Light. 16 megapixel, 4-image stabilized.


Truly mobile workforce connectivity with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE.


IP66 dust proof and water proof, 2 metre drop tested onto concrete.

Connected Workers

Connected Workers in the field wearing the HMT-1Z1 can use voice commands to instantly Collaborate with Remote Experts anywhere in the world.

XoD powered by Webex Teams

Cisco Connected worker solution for Realwear HMT-1Z1 with XoD (Expert on Demand) is powered by Webex Teams.

Remote Experts

Remote Experts can collaborate from anywhere using any Cisco Webex supported devices including iOS & android devices, room systems and Webex boards.

Workforce Enhancements

Empowering the Oil & Gas workforce with Expert On Demand

Remote diagnostics and field collaboration

Centralized problem solving, anywhere, any time

Access to the expert on virtually any device, at any location

Access to content-rich information from many sources, including a centralized pool of experts with different skills

Expanded collaboration between experts and the field

solving oil & gas business imperatives

Expert On Demand is a Remote Mentor Solution that addresses the challenges Oil & Gas companies face.

Reduce Downtime with XoD

Each day offline for a typical 200,000-barrel-a-day refinery can mean almost $12 million in lost revenue. Many refineries average 27 days offline annually.

Offshore oil and gas facilities often halt operations while waiting to fly experts in by helicopter.

Expert on Demand’s remote mentor solution can reduce downtime from days to minutes by bringing experts on-site virtually, instantly.

Whether your workers are located in the Permian or on a ship crossing the Pacific, XoD’s remote mentor capabilities are an easy way to give them real-time guidance.

Managing complicated repairs remotely saves oil companies time and money.

Lower Operations Costs with XoD

As the number of experts shrinks, companies need to make the most of each valuable resource. Yet it can be both expensive and time-consuming to get workers out to remote drilling sites.

The Cisco Expert on Demand solution allows you to create a centralized pool of specialists who are virtually available at any time.

Instead of travelling the world, they are established at headquarters or branch offices to consult, guide, and advise.

This reduces the cost of transportation, labour, and expert downtime, and moderates personal risk to these important personnel.

Faster Knowledge Transfer

If all your workers had expert knowledge about all systems on a rig, you would be able to maintain high productivity at all times.

Trained industry experts are in increasingly short supply to help deal with planned – and unplanned–situations.

With XoD’s remote mentor features, one subject matter expert at your home office can advise several frontline workers at the same time, even if they’re spread out across the world.

Frontline workers equipped with the ATEX Zone 1 approved HMT-1Z1 ruggedized wearable computer allows the subject matter expert to see what they see and hear what they hear even in the most brutal conditions.

Optimise an Ageing Workforce

The average age of skilled workers is 54 years, and within the next decade, almost 50 percent of these veterans will retire.

With a growing expertise deficit, companies need to allocate available expert resources over more projects and geographies.

Cisco’s Expert on Demand solution brings experts to the rig through real-time video interaction, allowing them to view the problem, examine equipment, and talk with workers using ruggedized headsets.

This reduces the number of personnel in the field to lower health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) risks, and it keeps experts productive longer.

Operate Efficient Plant Processes

Improving production efficiency by just ten percentage points can yield up to $260 million bottom-line impact on a single brownfield asset.

The ultimate goal of any industry is to operate low margin processes more smoothly and efficiently.

With XoD plant inspections can be performed efficiently, which has far-reaching effects given their critical importance. 

  • Texmark Chemicals used the HMT-1Z1 to reduce rail audit inspection time by 89%

The collaboration features of XoD also promotes faster response to emergencies and alerts. With easy access to field data and to experts around the world, a diverse team with a high quality of data is able to make better decisions more quickly.

  • Schlumberger has used the HMT-1 to improve maintenance efficiency by 33%


XoD uses the RealWear HMT-1Z1 intrinsically safe wearable for Oil and Gas workers

Intrinsically safe

HMT-1Z1 is the only wearable tough tablet on the planet approved for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1.

Intrinsically designed

The ATEX approved HMT-1Z1 has been purpose-built for the worker who needs to go anywhere, work anywhere, and stay connected.

Purpose Built for Industry

Conveniently clip into your hardhat and your HMT-1Z1 is at your command.

Smart productivity

It’s time to ditch your industrial tablet and free your hands for work.

RealWear Headsets running XoD are better than rugged Smartphones and Tablets

RealWear headsets are better and more cost-effective than rugged smartphones and tough tablets because they improve worker safety and productivity without tradeoffs

Workers can operate RealWear’s hands-free interface without having to remove their gloves in full compliance of safety regulations

No need to set the device aside while completing a task, since RealWear headsets are compatible with all hardhats and PPE

Book a Demo to discover why companies like NOV, Shell, Saudi Aramco and Schlumberger have chosen RealWear

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